About Silvan

Silvan is one of Denmark's largest retailers of do-it-yourself building materials for private and professionals. We have 43 DIY stores spread across the country and we take pride in providing the ultimate customer service.

Mission and Vision

Our mission in Silvan is to secure that our customers succeed with the projects they take on at home no matter if it is DIY or with help. Our vision is that we want to be the absolute most service-oriented DIY store whether you are looking to decor, repair or maintain your home.  We are here to ensure your success with the home's projects, and we are always ready to go an extra step for you as a customer.


Our DIY stores are primarily targeted the private DIY customer, but professional craftsmen also shop with us. The Silvan DIY stores are strategically located around major cities and have, excluding warehouse, administration, garden center and drive-in, an average sales area of 2,400 m².


Silvan's history started back in 1874 when the merchants Johan Christian Strudsberg and Peter Thomsen founded and opened the very first Silvan timber under the name: Trælast- og Kulhandelen Silvan. In 1894, the merchants registered the company as a partnership, and in December 1900 they sold it to manufacturer Vilh. Lange, factory owner H. P. B. Kierulff, wholesaler C. J. Christensen and merchant Christian Lund, who transformed Silvan into a limited company.

In 1913, the coal trade was sold to A/S Slagelse Kulkompagni, and the name was changed to Akts. Trælasthandelen Silvan. After that, our customers could mainly buy wood and building materials. In 1968, the first Silvan DIY store as you know it today opened. Here you find tools, garden tools and much more so you are well equipped to start your projects at home. Over time, we have helped Danes create and make their DIY dreams come true, and the name Silvan has become a synonym in the Danes' awareness of the DIY store and projects.