PRESS RELEASE 12 March 2021 ‒ Aarhus, Denmark 

Green and sustainable collaboration: Silvan donates over half a million DKK to ‘Plant et Træ’ initiative

With the campaign “Green Weekend” from 27th to 29th November 2020, Silvan announced they would donate 5% of the total turnover to the national organisation ‘Plant et Træ’. Silvan is proud to announce that a total of 737.000 DKK has been collected.

Support. Promote. Donate. Silvan is focusing on sustainability across the company. A roadmap to act more sustainable has been defined during the last two years. As part of these activities, Silvan has entered a partnership with the non-profit organisation ‘Plant et Træ’.

The Green Weekend donation will benefit the chain’s local communities all around Denmark in the form of orchards. These orchards will specifically be placed in 60 different children’s institutions, where the children participate in both the planting and daily maintenance of the trees. So far, seven orchards have already been planted, and the remaining 53 will be put in place during March and April this year. The institutions will also receive teaching materials about nature.

“We’ve entered into this partnership with ‘Plant et Træ’ because we are convinced that it will create a positive impact on the environment and in the local communities. It is the right thing to do, it is as plain and simple as that. And we are very proud of it” says Silvan's CSO, Kenneth Kragh Madsen.

“We are very excited about this collaboration with Silvan and look forward to planting the remaining orchards. The donation is one of the biggest we have received, and we are happy that Silvan has chosen to support our mission to plant trees alongside children and learning” the national chairman of ‘Plant et Træ’, Jens Døssing, says.

About ‘Plant et Træ’

‘Plant et Træ’ has planted more than 1.5 million trees in Denmark since its beginning in 1988, but the national organisation is about more than trees. ‘Plant et Træ’ aims to inspire children to learn about nature and think green thoughts so they come to care for it. That way they can pave the way for (green) generations to come.  

 About Silvan

Silvan is a leading Danish 'Do-It-Yourself' (DIY) retail chain with the highest brand awareness in the sector. Silvan mainly serves private customers through 42 DIY department stores and an online shop in Denmark. Silvan's shops are located for customers both in the cities and the suburbs. The product assortment includes not only all classic DIY products such as building materials and gardening equipment but also home improvement and smart home items. In recent years the focus has been gradually expanded towards more customer comfort and customer service. Convenience services such as woodcutting, color mixing, free rental of cargo bicycles as well as trailers, tool rental, key and parcel services, etc. have been expanded and are an integral part of the value proposition.

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National chairman of ‘Plant et Træ’, Jens Døssing: +45 31 47 40 02 / [email protected]