PRESS RELEASE 05. April 2022 ‒ Brabrand, Danmark

With a new online tool rental system, Silvan enters into a new partnership with Europe’s largest equipment rental company LOXAM.

The equipment rental company LOXAM and DIY retailer Silvan enter a partnership to the benefit of the increasing number of do-it-yourself-customers.

With the new partnership Silvan’s customers can benefit from a wide and sustainable selection of rental equipment from LOXAM.

With the partnership of Europe’s largest equipment rental supplier LOXAM, Silvan ensures that they are equipped for the growing demand of tool rentals within the Danish market. The partnership means that LOXAM Denmark adds an additional 2,500 machines to their rental fleet, which already counts over 23,000 units.

In line with the new partnership, Silvan is introducing a new online tool rental system by which customers can book their tools & accessories upfront. This add-on will create a more flexible and convenient rental process for the customers (accessible via

“At Silvan, we want to offer the most convenient shopping experience to our customers. Therefore, we also want to make it easy, fast, and affordable to rent tools and machines in our stores. With LOXAM, we found the right partner to provide an excellent solution for our customers, says Silvan CEO Mathias Kerp.:
“Today, Silvan has an increasing number of do-it-yourself customers who choose to rent rather than own. Therefore, we have been looking for a partner to improve our rental concept to offer an even better service to our customers. As LOXAM has extensive experience from the do-it-yourself segment in France, where they are present in more than 800 DIY stores, it is a very experienced and suitable partner for us. We are, therefore, very much looking forward to further developing the partnership between Silvan and LOXAM.”

Adm. Director Carsten Hoeck of LOXAM is also pleased with the partnership with Silvan, which will be an important partner in the future: “I have a very strong desire for the partnership with Silvan to be long-lasting. I have been involved in strategic partnerships for many years and have experience with the value it creates for both parties. A partnership consists of common goals, ongoing alignment of expectations, flexible processes, and common values, amongst other things. That is the foundation for us to provide our best to our customers. I am absolutely sure that we will have success working with Silvan.”

In general, LOXAM is experiencing a greater interest in renting rather than owning, and therefore the do-it-yourself segment is an exciting opportunity to put more focus on sharing economy and sustainability. Investments based on climate requirements and safety are also key aspects that LOXAM provides with the new partnership.

In addition to the common tools for rental, Silvan's do-it-yourself customers will also have access to LoxGreen, which is a well-known and tested sustainable concept for the professional users.

Nick Roensner, Sales and Marketing Director at LOXAM, also sees the mutual partnership as an access to the private market in Denmark: “Silvan has a strong position in the do-it-yourself segment and with our position in the professional construction industry, it will be exciting to see what synergies it can create. I am very much looking forward to further developing the concept in a mutually good partnership with Silvan.”

About Silvan

Silvan is a leading Danish do-it-yourself (DIY) retail chain. Silvan mainly serves private customers through 42 DIY department stores and an online shop in Denmark. Silvan's shops are located both in the cities and in the suburbs. The product offering includes not only all classic DIY products such as building materials and gardening equipment but also home improvement and smart home items, all with a special attention to sustainability (“Skabt med omtanke”). In recent years, the focus has been gradually expanded towards more customer comfort and customer service. Convenience services such as sawmill, colour toning, free rental of cargo bicycles as well as trailers, tool rental, key copying, and parcel pick-up, etc. have been expanded and are an integral part of the value proposition.


LOXAM is Europe's largest lessor of machinery, earthmoving and construction equipment, lifts, lift wagons, modules and sheds. We supply to the building and construction sector, industry, the public sector, the service sector and to private individuals. LOXAM now has 37 branches in Denmark with approx. 330 employees and an equipment portfolio of more than 23,000 units. LOXAM is present in 30 countries and the group employs approx. 10,800 employees.

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