PRESS RELEASE 07. March 2022 ‒ Brabrand, Danmark

Silvan saves up to 1.800.000 kw/h per year by replacing its old light system and investing 8.400.000 DKK into a more environmental-friendly solution

As part of its focus on sustainability, Silvan has phased-out the old lightning in all 42 stores throughout Denmark and instead implemented energy-efficient LED solutions.

With an investment of over 8.400.000 DKK Silvan has already realized a saving of ~1.8000.000 kw/h between January and December 2021. This is the equivalent of lightning a common LED bulb for ~ 40.000 years.

“We have invested in a solution that further supports Silvan’s commitment to act more environmental-friendly. Silvan thus takes its stake for the generations to come“ says Mathias Kerp, CEO of Silvan.

The latest investment is one of various initiatives of Silvan to act more sustainable. Amongst others, further activities are the green weekend by which Silvan donated 5% of the revenue generated during the Black Friday weekend in both 2020 as well as 2021 to Plant et Træ, the introduction of non-plastic shopping bags, the implementation of a green line product portfolio (“Skabt med omtanke”) as well as the step by step reduction of plastic used for packaging (e.g. within E-Commerce). Already in October last year, Silvan announced that it has phased out printed leaflets, saving approx. 134.000km of paper per year.

About Silvan
Silvan is a leading Danish do-it-yourself (DIY) retail chain. Silvan mainly serves private customers through 42 DIY department stores and an online shop in Denmark. Silvan's shops are located both in the cities and in the suburbs. The product offering includes not only all classic DIY products such as building materials and gardening equipment but also home improvement and smart home items, all with a special attention to sustainability (“Skabt med omtanke”). In recent years, the focus has been gradually expanded towards more customer comfort and customer service. Convenience services such as sawmill, colour toning, free rental of cargo bicycles as well as trailers, tool rental, key copying, and parcel pick-up, etc. have been expanded and are an integral part of the value proposition.

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