PRESS RELEASE 15. October 2021 ‒ Brabrand, Denmark

Silvan takes responsibility for the environment and stops printed leaflets

Silvan announces that it has phased out their printed leaflets. From 2019 to 2020, the Danish DIY chain has already minimised the number of printed leaflets. With the complete stop in 2021, Silvan will save ~134.000 kilometres of paper per year which is equivalent to three trips around the world.

Focus on sustainability

As part of Silvan’s increased focus on sustainability, printed leaflets are being phased out. In 2019, Silvan printed leaflets which add up to a total of approximately 134.000 kilometres of paper, which is equivalent to three trips around the world. Already in 2020, the amount was reduced by over 70 percent and since December 2020, no further paper leaflets have been produced.

The initiative to stop printed leaflets is one of many activities that are ongoing at Silvan to reduce its environmental footprint. Amongst others, further ongoing activities are the complete change to LED lights in all stores, the introduction of non-plastic shopping bags, the implementation of a green line product portfolio (“Skabt med omtanke”) as well as the step by step reduction of plastic used for packaging (e.g. within E-Commerce).

- We want to leave a more sustainable footprint, and we are aware of our responsibility to the environment. For us, this means, among other things, minimising the consumption of unnecessary resources Rasmus Kjærgaard, CSO of Silvan, comments.

The stop of leaflets is also part of several other initiatives which are all interlinked. These initiatives also include further store openings and refurbishments as well as the expansion of the service offering.

- We are happy to inform that we completely phased out our printed leaflets. Printed leaflets are a relic from the past that we are happy to say goodbye to for the benefit of the environment. Instead, we are investing in broadening our service offering, in expanding our E-Commerce activities and also opening more stores and refurbishing existing stores, says Jimmy Thomsen, Head of E-Commerce & Marketing at Silvan.

Store openings & refurbishment program

Since December 2020, Silvan invested close to thirty million DKK into the opening of two new city stores and the complete refurbishment of the stores in Fisketorvet and Vejle. Further openings of 2-3 city stores as well as 2-3 refurbishments are planned for the next 12 months with an overall investment volume of thirty to forty million DKK.

Expansion of service offering

To provide a very good customer experience, Silvan is continuously expanding and broadening its service offering. As examples, the number of offered free trailers will grow from 407 to 530 in 2021 and the offering of free of charge electrical cargo bikes for rental has been introduced at additional 10 stores in 2021. Other service offerings by Silvan include colour toning, tool rental, sawmill, key copying and parcel pick-up.

Silvan is a leading Danish do-it-yourself (DIY) retail chain. Silvan mainly serves private customers through 42 DIY department stores and an online shop in Denmark. Silvan's shops are located both in the cities and in the suburbs. The product offering includes not only all classic DIY products such as building materials and gardening equipment but also home improvement and smart home items, all with a special attention to sustainability (“Skabt med omtanke”). In recent years, the focus has been gradually expanded towards more customer comfort and customer service. Convenience services such as sawmill, colour toning, free rental of cargo bicycles as well as trailers, tool rental, key copying, and parcel pick-up, etc. have been expanded and are an integral part of the value proposition.

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